Counting on Nada and Kelley Blue book to Know Your Motorcycle Value and Price

NADA AND KBB Motorcycle

It is really easy to find out the value of your motorcycle on Kelley Blue book and Nada. You just simply visit the website, and then choose the type of your motorcycle available on the list and don’t forget to enter the zip code. After that, you are required to choose your vehicle year and then choose the model accordingly. Next, you can see your motorcycle trade-in value from the Kelley Blue book.

However, you are not required to enter a certain condition like telling how far your motorcycle has been running or telling the number of motorcycle speedometer or mileage. Why? It is all because most of the speedometers are not working properly so the numbers of mileage showed may not be accurate. But, there is a solution for this information where Kelly Blue Book already provides a mileage chart according to your motorcycle year production. You only need to choose trade in option and then choose Mileage & Condition Information. Many people will consider mileage as the most important information to know the value any vehicles.

One thing that you need to know is that Kelley Blue book can only show you the estimated value for trade-in purpose of your motorcycle. Your motorcycle may have a good value if it has a good condition. Besides, all of the equipment is also still original and working properly. You can see your motorcycle original equipment by clicking “Motorcycle Specs”. If there is something missing, then you can complete it before trading in.

If you want to count on a dealership, then you can also check the value according to the retail value. It is important for you to see how much you need to pay a normal motorcycle at a dealership around your location.

Knowing Motorcycle Prices Based on Kelley Blue Book

As we know that Kelley Blue Book is a website that will show information about the estimated value of your vehicle if you want to trade it in as well as show the retail value.

What is the trade-in value?

When you want to trade in your vehicle for a new one, then you need to know the trade-in value. How much does your motorcycle will cost? So, the price of your motorcycle will be the value of your motorcycle before you trade it in. Once you know the value, then you will know how much you must pay for the new motorcycle.

What is the retail value?

You can check the retail value if your motorcycle is in a good condition despite it is not new, This value is usually found in some vehicles available in a dealership. As we know that condition is the most important thing to consider when you want to know the value of your vehicle. If your motorcycle looks bad, then it will influence the sale price. What if your motorcycle has a high mileage? As long as the condition looks fine, mileage is not a big deal.

Getting Your Motorcycle Value Using NADA Guides

Instead of Kelley Blue book, Nada Guides is also a good choice to value your motorcycle and other vehicles. You just simply visit Nada Guides website and then find and select “Motorcycles” tab in the page. It will direct you to the Motorcycle and Powersports Prices page.

After that, just simply click “Start Here”. Next, you are required to enter your zip code and then click “continue”. There you will see some motorcycle brands and find your motorcycle manufacturer in the list. After choosing your motorcycle brand, then you need to choose the model and the production year of the motorcycle. You can look for your specific motorcycle on the list available.

Afterward, you are also required to give the detail information relating to your motorcycle engine and the other details such as lights, seats, exterior, glass, and much more. After you choose some of the required information, then just simply click “Continue”. It will direct you to Values page to show your motorcycle value eventually. There is also available the Suggested List Price, Average Retail Price, and the Low Retail Price.