Find A RV Value using NADA Guides



Step –by- Step-Process –  Finding out a RV Value using NADA Guides

  1. Visit NADA Guides (
  2. Navigate to and choose the “RVs” tab in the main menu. You will then be taken to a page captioned “RV Prices and Values.

  3. Next click Start Here” and you will be prompted to fill in your zip code.
  4. click “Continue” you will be presented with a list of motorhome (RV) manufacturers.
  5. A full list can be accessed in the white and blue drop –down box at the bottom in case the manufacturer you are looking for is not on the list.
  6. After you are through with manufacturer’s selection you will be asked to identify the year of production and choose the model of the RV. You can then move ahead by searching through the list provided for your specific motorhome.

NADA Guides will then ask you to provide additional information as per the motorhome’s engine as well as select any applicable option. The additional options relate to the motorhome’s air conditioning and heating, appliances and engine and suspension systems, and much more.

When you have done your selections, click the “continue” button at the base of the page.

You will then land at a page captioned “Values” where you can view the value of your selected motorhomes. NADA Guides typically includes Suggested List Price, Low Retail Price and Average Retail Price. All information as per different prices will be reviewed.

What is the Suggested List Price?

This is the manufacturer’s list price for a brand new motorhome.

What is the Low Retail Value Price?

This is the price used for motorhomes in need of minor repairs, with condition (cosmetic) damage, but in perfect working condition.

What is Average Retail Price?

This is the price used for motorhomes in perfect working condition, free of damage, and with an average working condition.

You can search for different specifications for each RV on NADA Guides. It’s recommended that you compare these specifications. You can do this by choosing different motorhomes by clicking on the “compare” link on the “Values” page for your RV.